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Helping folk do their work.

Think of us as being the momentum behind your ideas. Whether you are an individual or an organisation, we help you figure out what it is you want to achieve, and then work with you to identify a strategy of how to get there. Often the stronger and clearer the plan, the easier it is to bring about.

Whether it’s the big picture stuff or the crucial details, we help you find the right approach - one that suits the situation. That's what we do best. We can help shape your project from the outset, be there as a sounding board, or act as one-off consultants. Flexibility is key to the way we work.

Primarily, We Sort works in the creative sector, where the emphasis of work is on production - achieving outcomes, reaching deadlines, managing time and resources and finding efficent low-cost solutions.We have strong working knowledge of business administration, workflows & processes, brand & marketing, web presence, The Cloud, pricing & quoting, organisational structures & roles and more.

Ben, founder of We Sort, spent a number of years working in furniture production, graphic & web design and a number of other things until he realised that what he liked most of all, and what he was best at, was putting things in order.




If your project or organisation might benefit from any of this, let's chat.




Ben's online scrapbook.

With various themes of working smarter, design & well made things, and some stuff for general enjoyment.

... and for those who miss my first website: v1.wesort.co.uk